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Zlin Region

  • Kroměříž

    A small fortress was standing apparently as early as the period of the Great Moravian Empire at the place of the present manor. Its fate was determined by the fact that in about 1110 the market town of Kroměříž became the property of the Olomouc bishops, the richest feudal lords in Moravia. In the second half of the 13th century Bishop Bruno of Schaumburk elevated the status of a town to that of a city and built a Gothic castle here. At the start of the 16th century it was refashioned in the Renaissance style and became the residential seat of the Olomouc bishops. In 1643 the city and castle were damaged by the Swedes and until the time of bishop Karel Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn (1664 - 1695) the manor had been being rebuilt. Its construction had lasted for 12 years and was executed according to projects of the significant architects Filibert Luches and Giovanni P. Tencally. The manor is dominated by an 84 meter high tower. Behind the structure are magnificent gardens known for their extraordinarily valuable garden architecture and the garden pavilion called Rotunda.