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  • The Jewish Quarter of Prague:

    The Jewish Town formed a part of the Old Town but beyond the gates of the Ghetto everything was different: strange buildings smelling of poverty, dark courtyards, short and narrows streets. It's genius loci inspired a number of writers, as for example Meyrink, Werfel and, of course, Franz Kafka. You'll visit the synagogues (the Old New Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Europe still in use) together with the Old Jewish Cemetery and other religious places connected with the life of Jews in Prague.

    The 3 hourse excursion.
  • Prague by Night:

    During an enjoyable evening in the illuminated Prague you'll be enchanted by tiny buildings, baroque palaces, the mysterious Jewish Ghetto and wonderful view of the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, which is a tangible expression of the more than one Millennium long process of development of the Czech state.

    The 3 hourse excursion.